The Food Mafia – Steve Eggleston & Jon Gordon

An entrepreneur creates a healthy food company out of public need and the desire to save lives: he’s pre-diabetic and two of his friends are dying of diabetes. Bobby Greystein never imagined that, in the process of creating a healthy food company, beginning with the simple cookie, he’d uncover the biggest wrong ever perpetrated on […]

The NEWDAWN Saga – Dominique Luchart

The NEWDAWN Saga – Dominique Luchart To Save Her World, She Leaves Everything Behind And Shapes A New Future Into The Past. The golden city of Ang stands as a jewel of beauty, among the rough landscapes of a planet in turmoil by 2098. It provides a large population of Perfect Humans, with peace and security [...]

The Angels of War – J. P. Isbouts

The Angels of War – By: J. P. Isbouts In this gripping wartime novel, based on true events, four young women struggle to save lives in the trenches of Flanders fields. Trapped in the Ypres Salient, surrounded by horrific battles, the intrepid angels — British and American — persevere to show the world that love can survive the [...]

The Goddess of the Devil – Mart Sander

The Goddess of the Devil – By: Mart Sander Sander’s epic sci-fi/fantasy novel is constructed around real events and people during the rise of Germany’s Third Reich, notably the strikingly beautiful Orsic and the mysterious occultist Vril Society. In The Goddess of the Devil, Adolf Hitler’s interest in the occult begins in his art student days and changes world history. By [...]

The Family Tree – By: Michael St. Lawrence

The Family Tree – By: Michael St. Lawrence Lost in a storm while trekking the Himalayas, businesswoman Maria Zanterra stumbles upon a young Tibetan boy, Jetsun Milarepa, and his 1,000-year-old treasure map.  Meanwhile, Maria’s father, while researching their family tree, discovers an impossibly high number of murders going back 450 years... distant cousins killing other [...]

The Legend of the Krystal Kane – Ace Passmore

The Legend of the Krystal Kane – Ace Passmore Years after witnessing actor Leon Dreadman murder his father on the set of hit magician-crime fighter TV show The Krystal Kane, teenager Kris Hart returns home to the shape-shifting Mystik Manor to spend the summer before college with his estranged relatives.  While Kris reluctantly sponges up [...]

The Jacks – Hugh Taylor

The Jacks – Hugh Taylor 2058 isn’t Lee Nelson’s year. The army vet has lost his job evicting people from properties owned by Jacks, the billionaires who control the United States. A mysterious elderly tenant has been murdered and Nelson’s the top suspect. The victim left him a suspicious pamphlet that makes Nelson vulnerable to [...]

The Widening Gyre – John Adcox

The Widening Gyre – John Adcox In our darkest hour, King Arthur, Queen Gwenyhwfar, Morgan le Fay, and the Knights of the Round Table have returned. In the city of Atlanta, an eccentric university professor introduced three young men to the Secret History of the World, and a search for an ancient treasure begins. Meanwhile, [...]

Blackthorne Faire – John Adcox

Blackthorne Faire – By: John Adcox In Blackthorne Faire, an Atlanta Renaissance Festival, lawyer Brian Johnson meets his true love while a young actress finds never-before-seen Tarot cards in her deck, and learns that the fortunes she tells always, always come true. Brian loses his love to the Otherworld, and must plan a daring, impossible [...]

Challengers – John Adcox

Challengers – John Adcox A contemporary reimagining of the pulp heroes of yesteryear, the Challengers series tells the story of 25-year-old billionaire adventurer Tom Reilly and his quest to mine the secrets of a leather-bond journal left behind by his Challenger founder great grandfather, Professor Phineas J. Reilly.  Accompanied by a new generation of fellow [...]



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