A Time to Betray – Reza Kahlili

A Time to Betray – Reza Kahlili

Reza’s our hero.  Reza is not his real name.  He’s now a U.S. citizen, living… somewhere. His story needs to be told – in a format that allows us to go far deeper than a feature could – because it’s a true story; because it’s a story that still resonates as religiously-inspired terrorism continues to haunt us; and because it’s a story that hasn’t been seen – not in “Zero Dark Thirty” and not in “Argo.” Reza’s not our only hero.  Our story has two more – and they’re Americans: CAROL PHILLIPS and TOM BURKE.  Without them – and their connection to Reza – countless Americans who are today alive and well would be dead and buried. Our story will have action.  It will make noise. It’ll show the depths to which humans can sink in their effort to enslave other humans, and the heights to which they can rise in an attempt to cast off that suppression. The macro-saga of a region awash in so much blood and hatred that it’s all but incomprehensible will be shrunk to the relatable tale of childhood friendships torn apart by power and demagoguery, of a marriage strained to the breaking point by the web of lies told in order to save it, and of the ultimate triumph of loyalty between characters from vastly different backgrounds who suffer much as they try to end the suffering of others.

By: Reza Kahlili

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