A Travel Guide to Life – Anthony DeStefano

A Travel Guide to Life – Anthony DeStefano

A Travel Guide to Life – Anthony DeStefano

For the many inspired by Anthony DeStefano’s A Travel Guide to Heaven -a remarkable tour of the pleasures God has in store for us in the next and everlasting life-more inspiration is here in A TRAVEL GUIDE TO LIFE, offering an enlightening tour of the kind of deeply meaningful and happy life we can live here on earth. DeStefano outlines the path that can lead each and every one of us to renewed faith, understanding and fulfillment. With simplicity, honesty and a personal and practical look at the challenges God places before us, he outlines a reassuring and hopeful framework for living the life God has designed for us all … even if we’re not sure (yet) that we’re true believers.

By: Anthony DeStefano

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