Challengers – John Adcox

Challengers – John Adcox

A contemporary reimagining of the pulp heroes of yesteryear, the Challengers series tells the story of 25-year-old billionaire adventurer Tom Reilly and his quest to mine the secrets of a leather-bond journal left behind by his Challenger founder great grandfather, Professor Phineas J. Reilly.  Accompanied by a new generation of fellow Challengers – a magician, a shaman, a daredevil pilot, an inventor, a spy, and an assassin – Tom sets out to learn the secret hidden in his great-grandfather’s journal . . . the secret that hammered the nail in his parents’ coffins.  Will Tom and his Challengers survive their cross-continental quest to carry on the legacy of Professor Reilly, discover the hidden history of the world and ultimately find the key to altering the nature of reality itself?

By: John Adcox

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