Hi, I’m Peter Miller

I am a lion hunter. In my extensive travels around the globe, I’m always sniffing around in thrift, antique shops and fairs, hunting for lions. My habit is so bad that I had to stop myself from going on eBay, otherwise I would find myself late at night, searching for lion images of every kind.

This hunter  addiction still persists, despite the fact that I’m in the throws of selling the over 2,000 lions that I have amassed over the years.  Even as I’m trying to sell my lions, I’m also still tempted to buy new ones. What is it about lions that makes someone like me roar?  I love giving people lions as I am symbolically lionizing them and it makes me proud.

This blog is my way of holding onto the memories and spirits of my lions, and sharing the stories behind them with others, even though many of them they may soon be going to new homes.   Enjoy and help me spread this celebration of The King Of The Beasts.  Thank you. Roars!”




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