The Family Tree – By: Michael St. Lawrence

The Family Tree – By: Michael St. Lawrence

The Family TreeBy: Michael St. Lawrence

Lost in a storm while trekking the Himalayas, businesswoman Maria Zanterra stumbles upon a young Tibetan boy, Jetsun Milarepa, and his 1,000-year-old treasure map.  Meanwhile, Maria’s father, while researching their family tree, discovers an impossibly high number of murders going back 450 years… distant cousins killing other distant cousins… and unearths Maria’s unexpected ancestral link to Jetsun, who might be a reincarnation of an 11th Century sage sorcerer.  Loaded with intrigue, unexplainable murders and family fighting for control of mysterious corporations, this story brings a trio of distant cousins together in an intercontinental quest to rid their family of a murderous curse, pull away from the destructive attractions of the modern era and break the chains of the past to prevent a diabolical hacking of human incarnation.

~By: Michael St. Lawrence

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