The Food Mafia – Steve Eggleston & Jon Gordon

An entrepreneur creates a healthy food company out of public need and the desire to save lives: he’s pre-diabetic and two of his friends are dying of diabetes. Bobby Greystein never imagined that, in the process of creating a healthy food company, beginning with the simple cookie, he’d uncover the biggest wrong ever perpetrated on the American people–bigger than illegal drugs, bigger than Big Tobacco and, perhaps, bigger than terrorism itself: a wrong perpetrated by one of the largest food companies in the world, conspiring with the sugar cartels, the corn lobby and, yes, The Food Mafia. Death, bombings, eavesdropping and assassinations don’t normally accompany legal disputes over cookies, but here, no one is safe. The Big Food-Big Sugar Industrial Complex will do anything to protect their bottom line, and the fact that people are dying in the millions on the battlefield of profit over people, and greed over health does not matter. Employing a former Stasi (East German) assassin, hackers from the dark web, and good, old-fashioned industrial espionage, Big Food company Hessen keeps sugar-free start-ups out of the market… and if they dare get a foothold anyway, there’s always the deadlier “off-shelf” strategy: judicial corruption, political bribery and murder… after all, the La Cosa Nostra has been doing it for years. Follow Susie’s Cookies entrepreneur Bobby Greystein as he takes them all on… only to lose the one thing that he cherishes the most.

~ By: Steve Eggleston & Jon Gordon



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