The Goddess of the Devil – Mart Sander

The Goddess of the DevilBy: Mart Sander

Sander’s epic sci-fi/fantasy novel is constructed around real events and people during the rise of Germany’s Third Reich, notably the strikingly beautiful Orsic and the mysterious occultist Vril Society. In The Goddess of the Devil, Adolf Hitler’s interest in the occult begins in his art student days and changes world history. By the end of the book Hitler controls Germany and Orsic must fight for the cause of human destiny—and its shocking next evolutionary steps–despite the horrific disasters he causes. Interest in Maria Orsic’s life and activities is on the rise, with several TV documentaries, including The History Channel’s, and numerous websites dedicated to her. Sander has meticulously researched the people and historical events he describes, but his approach is that of a skilful fantasist, with military adventure and romantic liaison woven throughout with supernatural elements. Visit for a video trailer, essay and more—the trailer has more than 200,000 views.

~By: Mart Sander

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