The Legend of the Krystal Kane – By: Ace Passmore

The Legend of the Krystal Kane – Ace Passmore

Years after witnessing actor Leon Dreadman murder his father on the set of hit magician-crime fighter TV show The Krystal Kane, teenager Kris Hart returns home to the shape-shifting Mystik Manor to spend the summer before college with his estranged relatives.  While Kris reluctantly sponges up the Hart family history and romances young magician Skye Vernon, Leon Dreadman escapes Straker Asylum, arms himself with the high-tech Black Blizter cane and sets out to finish off the Hart family.  But a hero also rises in young Kris Hart, who learns to channel a genetic psychic force through his grandfather’s legendary Krystal Kane, and fuses true magic and love in a bid to honor his magician legacy through a climactic battle of good versus evil.

~By: Ace Passmore

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