The NEWDAWN Saga – Dominique Luchart

The NEWDAWN Saga – Dominique Luchart

The NEWDAWN Saga Dominique Luchart

To Save Her World, She Leaves Everything Behind And Shapes A New Future Into The Past. The golden city of Ang stands as a jewel of beauty, among the rough landscapes of a planet in turmoil by 2098. It provides a large population of Perfect Humans, with peace and security under a dome operated by the A.I. DAINN. The system oversees the infrastructure of an entire world keeping the advanced technological society safe from the violent climatic storms befalling us… for we are them, these perfect beings that have evolved, with capabilities that make them smarter, stronger, faster, and better due to enhanced genetics and implants. Only, a cataclysmic event looms on the horizon, about to destroy it all… The megalopolis of Ang, faces annihilation along with the rest of the planet. In an effort to save their civilization, the Council of Nations implements four different programs, Alpha, Origin, Provenance, and Inception. The elite and general population join three of these programs, reserving one for a special group. The Origin program stands separate from the others. Tesh, representing the Institute’s conclave is selected to lead the team and enter the safety complex with her friends Liane, Streak, and Blast. They join others inside dedicated chambers meant to lead them back into the past. Tasked with changing the future, their special powers and training give them a chance to overcome a daunting mission. In the darkness of their pods they leave behind everything they know… And await, in the deep sleep of cryo to awaken somewhere in 2018. In the past, Tesh tasting freedom for the first time, meets a new future with Chase and Gen who tip the balance with the Center, and change what is to come. The first volume of this saga spans many years and multiple lifetimes, from 2018 to 2098, crossing over to other realms.

~By: Dominique Luchart

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