Why People Pray – Mordecai Schreiber

Why People Pray – Mordecai Schreiber

Why People Pray Mordecai Schreiber

Rabbi Schreiber has spent the past twelve years sailing the seven seas as a “cruise rabbi”. As an avid student of religions, he has respectfully observed people of all creeds in prayer.  He found out two things: One, people everywhere pray, and two, prayer is a universal expression of the human heart that should unite rather than divide. His new book, Why People Pray, shows that prayer is a much broader concept than a formulaic addressing of the deity. A song can be a prayer. Kind words can be a prayer. Good deeds are a form of prayer. Rabbi Schreiber in Why People Pray unveils a fascinating new concept: that people around the world, of all faiths, could conceivably find ways to pray together, using prayers that would be universal to all humanity, while preserving the integrity of their own faiths. He proposes a new approach to prayer, in which the spiritual leaders of the world’s religions as well as others come together to formulate a universal expression of prayer which does not replace the existing creeds, but which transcends all creeds and gives voice to humanity’s yearning for peace, freedom, and social justice. This timely and extremely spiritually valid concept has never been articulated so convincingly as Rabbi Schreiber has done.

By: Mordecai Schreiber

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